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Thinking about buying a dog online? Check out this information and look at other options that may be more suitable for you!

To find an adoptable pet, you can begin your search using our Quick Search (above). Read on for more tips!

Do you have complaints about your local animal shelter? This information may help you be more understanding about why they do what they do.

Do you need to rehome your pet? Make sure she goes to a safe home with these tips for avoiding putting your pet in the hand of animal abusers.

Learn the Pet Adopter’s Bill of Rights to get an idea for what you, versus the shelter, are responsible for when you adopt a pet.

There are many myths and misconceptions about adopting pets. Learn the truth and get the facts.

Thank you for your interest in pet adoption! Whether you’re just looking, or you’re ready to adopt, we’re here to provide the necessary information for adopters to help their pets adjust to life in their new home.   What are the benefits of pet adoption? Adopting a pet comes with numerous advantages including: You’re saving a life. Millions of healthy, …

If you want to give a pet as a gift, give our Petfinder’s Pet Promise Certificate instead! Find out more about the Pet Promise Certificate and how it works here!