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People are often unaware that a local shelter has guinea pigs, or that a cavy rescue is located nearby. In many parts of the country, hundreds of rescued guinea pigs need homes.

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Dr. Michael Krinsley, D.V.M. How do you know if a bird is the right pet for you? And how do you decide what type of bird will best suit your household? The following scenarios should help potential owners make a decision that’s right for them and a new avian friend. If after reading these suggestions you want to get a …

Mary E. Cotter, Ed.D., Licensed Educator, House Rabbit Society Once considered primarily as children’s Easter gifts, rabbits are fast gaining acceptance as charming and warm household companions. First-time visitors to Bill Stutts’ New York City apartment are often startled to find a rabbit comfortably ensconced on his living room sofa. Another rabbit is stretched out under the coffee table, while …

Small mammals merit the same status in pet society as cats and dogs, and require just as much care, company and protection. Find facts about these small animals’ lives here.

While sharing your life with a horse can be a rewarding experience, it also means responsibility.