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Engaging your cat in interactive play is crucial for fulfilling his hunting instincts. Failing to do so can result in aggressive predatory play. Learn how to channel predatory play aggression here.

While cats may seem mysterious to some, to others, understanding a cat is simply a matter of paying attention, watching the cat’s body language and responding accordingly. Cats use a variety of ways to communicate their feelings, needs and desires. How Cats Use Their Tails to Communicate Watching the position of a cat’s tail is a great way to decipher …

The best entertainment for your guinea pig is a friend as they are extremely social, herd animals who thrive in the company of other pigs. Find out more about guinea pig companionship.

If your dog doesn’t seem to like other dogs, read our expert’s advice for suggestions to manage or improve her reaction.

Plan on getting a new cat and already have an existing one? These steps will help ensure a peaceful relationship between your new cat and your existing one.

How to Introduce Cats to Each Other Whether they’re playing a rousing game of tag or using one another as a cushy pillow for an afternoon snooze, most cats enjoy spending time with familiar feline housemates. However, cats are generally territorial by nature and adding a new feline to the mix can cause stress, especially if your current princess is …

Cats tend to be territorial creatures, so special consideration should be taken when deciding to adopt a second cat. Learn more about living with more than one cat here.

Mickey Niego A carefully planned introduction is everything. Most cats do not readily accept a new member of the family; they need time to get used to the idea. A certain amount of hissing, posturing and chasing is to be expected. It is important to have patience and not rush things along. Don’t chance an all out fight; when in …

If you’re considering adding a new pet to your family, take a look at these tips to help make the transition easier and more successful.

Rabbits are social creatures and would likely enjoy the company of another furry friend. Find out what animals get along with rabbits here!