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Here at Petfinder we are all about new ways to promote adoptable animals. That’s why I’m so excited about Animal Planet’s new Kitten Cam, which live streams footage of adoptable kittens from the Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL) in Washington, DC. The camera launched this morning and is already captivating viewers with the adorable antics of kittens in one of …

Have you recently adopted a new kitten? Find out here what vaccines you should be getting for him.

Many people come into contact with stray and feral cats in their everyday lives. Find out how to care for litters of stray and feral kittens here.

These little-known household cat hazards may seem safe, but they can have serious consequences. From diarrhea to death, avoid these seven common hazards in your house!

If you are adopting a cat, check out this information on general cat care to learn the basics.

Bringing A Cat Home

General Cat Care

by Caroline Golon, guest contributor

If you are adopting a cat, check out this information on general cat care including behavior, feeding, grooming, health and more.

Abandoned, stray kittens have an unlikely chance of surviving long on their own. If you find stray kittens, check out these tips to help them stay safe and find a new home.

The Daily Fetch

How I learned not to look away

by Emily, Petfinder Foundation vp, development • Apr 02 , 2013

We’ve all been there — we see a story on the news or posted on Facebook of some horrifying act of animal cruelty. Maybe some people are able to go on with their day, but those of us who love animals can’t. We might look like we are, but one of those stories can in fact ruin our entire day, …

Becoming a foster parent to homeless cats can be a very rewarding experience. Check out these general tips that may ease your transition into foster life with cats of various ages.

Black cats are hard to find homes for. So are pairs of cats. Also, adolescent cats. What happens when all three of those are combined? You get some very long-time fosters. Friends of Homeless Animals in Hawthorne, NJ (where I found my special-needs cat, Gretel), has been fostering best friends Teddy, a 15-month-old black male, and Duffy, an 18-month-old male …