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Jumping behaviors are very common in dogs, as dogs use jumping to express excitement. If you have a jumping dog, check out these techniques and methods for getting him to stop.

Get expert tips for stopping your dog from jumping by dog trainer Andrea Arden.

If you find your dog constantly knocking people over and jumping on them, he most likely has a jumping problem. Learn more about jumping behaviors in dogs and what to do about jumping problems.

Whether tabletops, counters or infant changing tables, cats like platforms from which they can view their territory. If your cat has is drawn to forbidden surfaces, learn how to keep them away here.

Adoptable Trina (in Port Chester, NY) shows off her sitting skills. In January, Petfinder held a live Q&A on Facebook with pet trainers Andrea Arden and Mychelle Blake. Over the coming weeks we’ll be posting some of our favorite questions and answers here on the blog. Have a pet question? Check back regularly for news about our next live Q&A! …