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Cats are meticulously clean, spending a large portion of their days grooming themselves. Get the facts about how clean cats really are in our article!

Are you worried about adopting a cat? Find out the truth about living with a cat and how to avoid any mythical pitfalls.

We asked our Facebook fans to show us the coolest cat tattoos around — and they did! Check out our favorite 13.

Cats far outnumber dogs in the US, but for too long cats have been seen as second-class pets — with a stigma attached to the people who live with and love them. Help us bring cats and cat parents into the spotlight to show us for what we are – real, funny, down-to-earth, inventive and diverse. Help us prove that everyone can love a cat — proclaim “I am a cat parent” today!

I honor of Petfinder’s I am a Cat Parent campaign, the Petfinder Foundation created this great PSA about debunking cat stereotypes. Help us prove that everyone can love a cat — share this video today!