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Common problems can crop up during housetraining. Read this article to troubleshoot and help your dog eliminate appropriately.

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Photo: Thinkstock In January, Petfinder held a live Q&A on Facebook with pet trainers Andrea Arden and Mychelle Blake. Over the coming weeks we’ll be posting some of our favorite questions and answers here on the blog. Have a pet question? Check back regularly for news about our next live Q&A! Q: How do I get my 6-month-old puppy to …

Training crates for dogs are too often deemed cruel. In fact, they are both training and safety devices and as such can benefit dog and owner alike. Learn more about crate training benefits here.

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A dog who pees when greeting you or another dog might be engaging in submissive urination. Learn how to help your dog with these tips!

The key to training your dog to eliminate outside (where you want him to) is to prevent accidents, and to reward success. Learn how to housetrain your dog here.