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Many of today’s dogs are bored and under-exercised and the solution is increased exercise and structured play. Check out this list of breed-based activities for your dog.

A “rabbitat” is a safe, behaviorally enriching outdoor environment where displaced and rescued rabbits can live in groups and pursue their innate desire to dig. Learn more about rabbitats here.

Cats like having things to do, and without constructive activities to fall back on, they may entertain themselves in undesirable ways, such as excessive meowing, peeing outside the litter box and furniture scratching. Find out five great ways to keep kitty entertained and out of trouble!

Enriching your kitty’s environment is crucial for his happiness. Learn how!

Falling temperatures are no excuse to avoid outdoor exercise with your dog. Find out how to exercise your dog during the cold weather months here.

We are still learning about birds’ needs in home environments, but here are the known facts.