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For a foster experience to turn out well, it’s crucial that all parties communicate and be clear about their expectations and responsibilities. Look at these questions to ask before you foster a dog.

If you are thinking of taking in a foster pet, check out this list of frequently asked questions to help you make an informative decision.

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Letting go at the end of a foster period can be the most difficult part of fostering a pet. Here are 5 tips to help you let your foster pet go and place him in a happy, loving home.

If you are taking in a foster pet, check out these tips on preparing your home and current pets in order to help ensure a safe and successful foster experience.

Fostering a pet is a great way to help. Ask these questions before you begin.

When you foster, you agree to take a homeless dog into your home and give him or her love, care and attention for X amount of time. Learn more about fostering a dog here.