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For a foster experience to turn out well, it’s crucial that all parties communicate and be clear about their expectations and responsibilities. Look at these questions to ask before you foster a cat.

Fostering a pet is a great way to help out animals and shelters. Before you foster, check out these things to take into consideration to ensure you can provide the best possible care!

Becoming a foster parent to homeless cats can be a very rewarding experience. Check out these general tips that may ease your transition into foster life with cats of various ages.

A cat’s personality is largely formulated in the first eight weeks of life. Leaving health issues to the veterinarian, find out what you can do to help your kittens be all that they can be behaviorally.

Letting go at the end of a foster period can be the most difficult part of fostering a pet. Here are 5 tips to help you let your foster pet go and place him in a happy, loving home.

When you foster, you agree to take a homeless cat into your home and give him or her love, care and attention for X amount of time. Learn more about fostering a cat here.