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Many animal care workers are unaware of the special needs of ferrets. Check out this information on housing, diet, behavior and general care for ferrets.

Dental hygiene for ferrets is a necessary, though not well understood part of regular ferret care. Learn how to properly take care of your ferret’s teeth here.

If you are a ferret parent or caretaker, performing these assessments of your companion ferrets each month will ensure good health and preventative care.

Ferrets can get dirty ears. Find out how to clean your ferret’s ears here.

American housing employs a variety of heating methods, many of which can pose some danger to ferrets. Find out how to keep your ferret safe and warm during the winter months here.

The domesticated ferret is mischievous and playful, loving and intelligent. Learn about the fascination with ferrets, adopting ferrets, and raising ferrets.