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A disability doesn’t mean a dog can’t be a loving and wonderful pet. Learn 10 reasons why we we love blind dogs — then tell us your reasons!

10 reasons why Pit Bulls rule, from the perspective of a long-time Pit Bull rescuer.

Dog Adoption

Black Dog Syndrome

by Amanda, shelter outreach

Did you know that black dogs tend to stay longer in shelters than lighter colored pups? Learn why this happens and how you can help black dogs get a fair chance.

Have you recently adopted a new pet? Read some of these things to consider to make sure your pet lives a happy, healthy life.

The last full week of September is Deaf Dog Awareness Week. Find out how you can celebrate, see adorable adoptable deaf dogs, read heartwarming deaf-dog adoption stories and so much more!

Thinking about adopting a dog? Take these things into consideration before you do to make sure the adoption sticks!

Blind dogs can make great pets, but you should know what you’re getting into before you adopt. Make sure to ask these questions when adopting a blind dog.

Finding Your Best Bud We know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it about time you committed to getting a pet? Before going to your local shelter or rescue group to meet the dog of your dreams, get the resources to become a pet adoption pro. You’ve made it this far — why back out now? The Difference A Day Makes Learn …

Pit Bulls are great, but you need to ask some questions before adopting to ensure a happy home.