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Being lost is a disaster for a pet. If you find a lost dog, be sure to know these five simple tips for helping him or her get home safely.

Being prepared to take care of your pet in the unexpected event of a disaster is crucial. Check out these important tips for creating a plan for your pets in case disaster strikes.

Petfinder endorsed legislation that became law on October 6, 2006, that requires pets to be included in disaster evacuation plans. Read about the law here!

We all know that natural disasters can strike at any time, with little or no notice. At, we want our pet families to have an easy-to-execute plan. Learn how to plan for disasters here.

Dogs need a number of vaccinations. Check out this schedule to find out what vaccinations your dog needs and when he should get them.

If you plan to ride out a disaster at home, identify the safest place for your pet in the house during the emergency. Also check out these other tips for riding out disasters at home.

We’re helping keep pets safe this summer by providing on-going, easy-to-remember tips for pet parents, warnings about the most common summer hazards — including disaster preparedness with your pet — and distributable materials for anyone to take and use to spread the word.

Many people have considered becoming a trained pet disaster response volunteer, but don’t know how to sign up. Learn how here!