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Cats can amaze people with their athletic grace. Check out these adoptable cats showing off their strength, agility and playfulness. Maybe one can come play in your home!

Aww alert! These adoptable cats are looking for forever homes, but at least they’ve found a best bud while they wait. Check them out in Petfinder’s Cat’s Best Friend Gallery.

Meet some of the cats who help out behind the scenes of Petfinder! Under each cat’s description is the name of his or her Petfinder staff person. We hope you enjoy this peek into our lives!

Crazy cat ladies aren’t the only ones who can love a cat. Meet some amazing men who aren’t ashamed to be called “Cat Guys.”

Cats love to surprise people. Check out this gallery of some of the unexpected places adoptable cats like to hang out. Maybe you’ll find one whose next surprising place will be in your home.