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By: Drew Webster, CPDT-KA   Chewing is a normal, natural and necessary canine behavior. Pet parents regularly call trainers to talk about a dog who has chewed their belonging to spite their owner or dogs who will be destructive even though “he knows it’s wrong”. A dogs understanding of right and wrong is vastly different from ours. Most behavior that …

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Many puppies go through a teething stage when they’re young, but some continue this chewing habit through adulthood. Find out why and how you can stop it.

Irksome and sometimes expensive destructive chewing usually takes place when the owner is not with the dog. Find out why your dog is compulsively chewing and how to help him.

Chewing is a common complaint among those caring for dogs younger than one year old. Learn why dogs resort to chewing and how you can it to stop, especially when it becomes a destructive behavior.

Does your dog chew his paws constantly? Find out why he might be chewing and what questions to ask your vet.