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Your newly adopted cat may seem like he’ll be with you forever, but these four far-too-common issues could get in the way. Find out four surprising ways any cat could end up homeless and what you can do today to prevent it.

Have you recently adopted a cat? Check out some tips to ensure your new cat is happy in his new home.

Bringing home a new cat is exciting, but your kitty may need time to adjust. Learn how to help!

While cats may seem mysterious to some, to others, understanding a cat is simply a matter of paying attention, watching the cat’s body language and responding accordingly. Cats use a variety of ways to communicate their feelings, needs and desires. How Cats Use Their Tails to Communicate Watching the position of a cat’s tail is a great way to decipher …

Is your cat neglecting to use the litter-box? Check out some information as to why this might be happening and how you can fix the problem.

Have you ever wondered about the color of your cat’s coat? Learn everything you’ve wanted to know!

These little-known household cat hazards may seem safe, but they can have serious consequences. From diarrhea to death, avoid these seven common hazards in your house!

If you are adopting a cat, check out this information on general cat care to learn the basics.

Bringing A Cat Home

General Cat Care

by Caroline Golon, guest contributor

If you are adopting a cat, check out this information on general cat care including behavior, feeding, grooming, health and more.