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A disability doesn’t mean a dog can’t be a loving and wonderful pet. Learn 10 reasons why we we love blind dogs — then tell us your reasons!

Ultimately, adopting a special needs pet is its own reward. However, there are so many additional benefits to having any pet in your home – special needs or not.Homer was brought into St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center as a 6 week old kitten with 2 issues: First, he is an all black cat, which makes him harder to adopt. Second, …

Canine glaucoma is a relatively common dog illness. Find out how to recognize the signs of canine glaucoma and what treatments are available.

Blind rabbits may need a little more extra care than seeing rabbits. Learn how to keep a blind rabbit comfortable and happy here!

Blind dogs can make great pets, but you should know what you’re getting into before you adopt. Make sure to ask these questions when adopting a blind dog.

Like humans, dogs are individuals, and as such they respond to hardship and stress in a variety of ways. Learn how your dog may cope with becoming blind.

Have you ever wondered about blind dogs? Learn some of the common myths and accurate facts about these dogs.