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Catherine Gwyer is a volunteer with Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary in Surrey, BC. Through Sunday, Jan. 29, she is answering your questions in our Ask the Experts forum. Below is her answer to her first reader question. Meet Charlie at Surrey, BC-based Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary. What questions should I ask about a bird I’m thinking of adopting? Before considering …

Thinking of adopting a bird? Read the ten things you should know about birds before doing so.

A bloodsport is an activity that causes an animal to suffer and die for the entertainment and financial gain of the sport’s promoters and patrons. Learn about various bloodsports here.

Mother’s Day can be a minefield for those of us who have tried, in vain, to have kids. But as I get older my understanding of motherhood expands. I feel especially blessed this season to be surrounded by my step and adopted family and to watch one of my non-traditional “kids” become a foster mother herself. She is gorgeous, funny …

Ever wonder what having a pet goose might be like? Here is one woman’s story of her and her goose. Also learn if getting a pet goose might be the right choice for you!

If you plan on traveling with your pet bird, check out these tips for airline travel with birds.

A lifetime commitment to a bird may be longer than you imagined. As we learn more about birds’ needs and begin to meet those needs, our avian companions are living longer than ever. Read to learn why and how long.

Birds are more adversely affected by smoke and gases than other mammals and special considerations must be taken to keep them safe. Check out bird poison prevention tips here.

Want a super-simple form of entertainment for cats? Set up a bird feeder outside your window! I recently did this and have already seen some great benefits.