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Christy Nich For centuries, women in our culture have used bridal and baby showers as a way to celebrate the significant, life-altering events in one another’s lives. These gatherings are an opportunity to pass on traditions, to offer advice and to “shower” the woman of honor with gifts to get her started. Blame it on reaching the mid-30s mark, but …

Prevent your cat from becoming lost this summer. Share this image to educate your friends and protect cats.

Prevent your dog from becoming lost this summer. Share this image to educate your friends and protect pets.

Bringing A Cat Home

Kitten Development

by Caroline Golon, guest contributor

A kitten is an infant; a cat under construction. It takes a while for a kitten to develop. Learn about the stages of kitten development here.

Introducing a pet of a different species to your current pet is a situation to go about carefully. Find out how to properly introduce your new cat to your dog or vice versa here!

Cars heat up quickly so never leave your pet in the car — even for a quick errand. Try these alternatives instead!

Congratulations on adopting your new pet! Petfinder is here to help you and your new pet enjoy a great life together. We’ve compiled helpful discounts, advice and resources for you, all geared to help pets and pet parents form a strong bond to keep pets in their homes. Microchip and register your pet HomeAgain microchips are designed to last your …

Do you have a child and a newly adopted dog? Learn responsibilities for the parents of the new pet to ensure the safety of both the child and the dog.

Learn how to responsibly decide if your cat should be let oudoors and check out these safety tips for letting cats outdoors.