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Vets love when pet parents ask questions! They see it as a vital form of communication, by helping them appreciate pet parents’ concerns and ensuring they leave the clinic with all of their needs met.

Bringing A Dog Home

25 Cool Dog Facts

by Caroline Golon, guest contributor

Wet noses and wagging tails are certainly wonderful! But there are many fascinating things about dogs we bet you don’t know. Check them out here!

Cars heat up quickly so never leave your pet in the car — even for a quick errand. Try these alternatives instead!

Many people let their cats outdoors, often with misplaced good intentions. Check out the six most common reasons people let their cats outside, and safer, indoor alternatives.

Drew Webster, CPDT-KA   When bringing any new animal into your home, think about your new role as a pet parent and acknowledge that it is your responsibility to teach your dog what your expectations for the home are. It is not his responsibility to know the rules in your house. Start before you bring your dog home. “Puppy Proof” …

Bringing home a new cat is exciting, but your kitty may need time to adjust. Learn how to help!