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Queenie & Rexie Roo

  • Rabbit
  • Rex
  • Rabbit
  • Rex
  • Richmond, CA
  • Senior
  • Female
  • Small
Richmond, CA


Spayed / neutered.

Meet Queenie & Rexie Roo

How adorable are Queenie and Rexie Roo?  Well, if you added up all the cuteness of Queenie, with his slick black fur and curious nature, and added it to the sweetness of Rexie Roo, who will melt your heart as soon as you meet her, the result would be off the charts.  And when they cuddle?  Trust us, you've never seen anything so adorable.  In fact, we're pretty sure if you take them home, you'll spend a lot of your time just watching them be cute.  That's ok with Queenie and Rexie Roo, because they prefer a quiet home- and plenty of attention!

Queenie & Rexie Roo are Sunset Sanctuary rabbits, as they are senior bunnies (about 8 years old).  They have no current health issues, just looking for a home where they can enjoy their golden years!  When you adopt Sunset Sanctuary bunnies, you receive a free puppy exercise pen, a litterbox, free routine veterinary care at House Rabbit Society, and discounted boarding rates.


To see more rabbits available for adoption at the House Rabbit Society Click here

The House Rabbit Society is an educational organization. We welcome both new and experienced bunny owners. We have over 30 rescues at the HRS shelter and our experts will help you find the perfect rabbit for you and your family. With a large volunteer staff to socialize our rescues, our bunnies are some of the sweetest bunnies around!!! Our bunnies and rabbits come with our commitment and experience to help you create a happily-ever-after ending for you and your bunny!

HRS Adoption Center and Hop Shop are open Tuesday- Sunday from 12:00 to 5:00. Bring in your bunny for bonding, stock up on rabbit toys, treats and supplies or ADOPT one of our lovely rabbits. Our bunnies are waiting to meet you!


Visit our website for more information. Click here for House Rabbit Society


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