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Volunteer Viewpoint

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“Volunteer Viewpoint”

“If you want my loyalty, interests and best efforts, remember that…

I need a sense of belonging, a feeling that I am honestly needed for my total self, not just for my hands, nor because I take orders well.

I need to have a sense of sharing in planning our objectives. My need will be satisfied only when I feel that my ideas have had a fair hearing.

I need to feel that the goals and objectives arrived at are within reach and that they make sense to me.

I need to feel that what I am doing has real purpose or contributes to human (animal) welfare — that it’s value extends even beyond my personal gain, or hours.

I need to share in making the rules, by which, together, we shall live and work, toward our goals.

I need to know in some clear detail just what is expected of me — not only my detailed task, but where I have opportunity to make personal and final decisions.

I need to have some responsibilities that challenge, that are within range of my abilities and interest, and that contribute toward reaching my assigned goal, and that covers all goals.

I need to see that progress is being made toward the goals we have set.

I need to be kept informed. What I’m not up on, I may be down on. Keeping me informed is one way to give me status as an individual.

I need to have confidence in my superiors — confidence based upon assurance of consistent fair treatment, or recognition when it is due, and trust that loyalty will bring increased security.

In brief, it really doesn’t matter how much sense my part in this organization makes to you — I must feel that the whole deal makes sense to me”

Excerpt taken from: The Effective Management of Volunteer Programs (c) Marlene Wilson, 1976

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