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Sweep Program Summary

Cumberland SPCA


The Sweep Program in Bridgeton, NJ’ allows local law enforcement to educate and correct the public in animal care, animal licensing and health code violations. The Cumberland County SPCA (CCSPCA) handles more than 1,000 cases annually and has been instrumental in launching and implementing this vital public service program.

Since December 2001, CCSPCA Agents meet with the local ACO, a Health Department Official and a police officer twice a week to perform a house to house inspection. The goal of the CCSPCA is to identify and correct any animal care or abuse violations in the city. We feel that this type of aggressive approach far out paces the passive method of waiting to receive cruelty reports. Many of our worse cases are in neighborhoods where access to agents is limited due to safety issues and a lack of public participation. Areas of the city that are especially problematic are being thoroughly and systematically examined allowing high risk animals to be identified, patrolled and protected.

We have realized many immediate and positive results from the Sweep. The agents have achieved a high profile presence in the community and great strides are being made in interdepartmental relations. Numerous, longstanding, unreported cruelty violations have also been alleviated. In the long run, we hope to accomplish a higher standard of public awareness and compliance in animal care and also improve working relations with citizens and local law enforcement.

‘The City of Bridgeton is one of three cities in Cumberland County covered by the agents. Bridgeton has a population of 22,777 as of the 2000 census.

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