Part I – Learn From Other’s Mistakes

Vera Kalbol, Cat Rescue Canada

Ignorance is not a defense

For the person who is not Web savvy, the idea of putting their rescue on the Web can be scary. You may realize that it is necessary but be fighting it because of fear of the unknown. You are right to be fearful. In the wrong hands your Web site can certainly work against you. You have to let go of that fear and forge ahead because without a Web presence, your rescue work won’t go anywhere.

Step one is to work with someone you trust. This is so important that it is probably your first ten steps. You wouldn’t hand over blank signed cheques to anyone who asked, would you? Your Web site is just as important. Don’t give it away to just anyone.

This page used to contain a true story that showed what can happen when there is an assumption that other people have the group’s best interests at heart. Its point was that you should assume nothing and take care of yourself and your rescue’s reputation. Ignorance is not a defence.

I know that it’s difficult because your energy goes to the rescue work you do, and so it should. There are some easy things you can and should do to protect your rescue…read on.

Part I: Learn From Others Mistakes
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