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Downloadable Materials for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

ASPCA National Shelter Outreach

September 2001

Dear Animal Welfare Colleague:

The ASPCA National Shelter Outreach (NSO) department provides materials, resources, referrals, training and advice to all varieties of animal protection organizations across the United States. It is our great pleasure to bring you the enclosed packet of materials to help you celebrate Adopt A Shelter Dog Month in your community this October.

Use these materials to promote Adopt A Shelter Dog Month and help place more dogs in loving responsible homes. Visit for additional special offers. You can also download much of this information at We wish you and all the dogs in your community much luck and many happy adoptions this Adopt A Shelter Dog Month and throughout the year.

Sincerely, Your Friends at National Shelter Outreach.

Click below to download additional Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month materials!

The following materials are in PDF format. In order to view these, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free.

Canine Coat Colors and Patterns, A Glossary

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month Sample Letter to the Editor

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month Sample Press Release

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month Sample Radio Public Service Announcements

ASPCA Internet Adoption Guidelines

October Dog Facts 2001 – Calendar

Free Literature for Shelters

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