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The Foundation Center’s Guide to Proposal Writing
Jane C. Geever and Patricia McNeill, 1993
This guide features up-to-date advice on how to craft an effective funding request.

The Literature of the Nonprofit Sector
A Bibliography with Abstracts, Volume 7
The Foundation Center, 1995
This comprehensive bibliography lists the best references in fundraising, foundation, corporate giving, nonprofit management, voluntarism, and more.

A User’s Guide to Proposal Writing or How to Get Your Project Funded.
Christiana Coggins
International Planned Parenthood Federation, New York, 1990
Primarily intended for use in submitting a proposal to the Planned Parenthood Federation, this brief how-to guide is divided into the eight components of a proposal: summary, introduction, justification, objectives, activities, monitoring and evaluation, future funding, and budget. Concludes with a useful sample proposal.

Getting a Grant in the 1990’s: How to Write Successful Grant Proposal.
Robert B. Lefferts
Prentice Hall Press, New York, 1990
Provides guidelines for preparing, writing, and presenting proposals to foundations and governmental agencies.

The Proposal Writer’s Swipe File: 15 Winning Fundraising Proposals.
Prototypes of Approaches, Styles, and Structures.
Susan Ezell Kalish, editor
Taft Group, Rockville, MD 1984
Contains fifteen sample proposals. Each example provides insights into how fundraising proposals should be constructed, organized, styled, and presented.

Greening the Grassroots
How Wildlife and Habitat Organizations Can Write Winning Grant
Graciella Rossi, editor
Wildlife Network, 401 San Miguel Way, Sacramento, CA 95819
($12 plus $4 for shipping and handling)
Advice from foundation funders and grant writing experts. Includes keys to successful grant seeking.

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