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Sample Radio PSAs – Promoting Your Pets on Petfinder

Megan McMahon, Shiawassee Humane Society

Sample Radio PSA’s
Promoting Your Pets on Petfinder


Are you looking for that special friend?
The one who doesn’t care about looks?
The one who believes you know everything?
The one with whom you can trust your innermost feelings?
You can find that committed relationship through!

Petfinder is a nationwide listing of pets in need of homes.
The site lists animals by species, breed, age, sex and location.
Your search brings up pictures, descriptions, and other useful information about the wonderful pets listed, as well as a contact and adoption information.

To get to know some of the great dogs, cats, and other animals available at the (SHELTER NAME), you can see our Petfinder page at (YOUR SHELTER’S WEBSITE).

Don’t wait to find your love of your life!


I’ve got to tell you about this great website for people looking for pets – and for those that already have them. It’s

Petfinder hosts a nationwide listing of animals needing homes.
For shelters like ours, it has helped tremendously by highlighting our super pets available for adoption. We can post their pictures, describe their personalities, and give you other useful information.

Besides all that, it allows people to e-mail us for more information about adopting a particular animal or to ask questions they have about their own pet.
We even have a home page that describes our shelter, posts upcoming events, explains what it’s like to volunteer, and has our wish list for animal care items.

Log on to or check out the page for the (SHELTER NAME) at (YOUR SHELTER’S WEB SITE).


Over 1.5 Million! Wow that’s a lot if you’re winning the lottery.
However, when it’s the number of animals euthanized at shelters across the nation just because they couldn’t find a home, even 1 is too much. has teamed up with local and national animal shelters and rescue groups throughout the country to find homes for many wonderful animals which otherwise may not have been so lucky.

Through, shelters can list descriptions and provide pictures of all kinds of pets looking for a caring home.

You can search for a super pet to adopt by species, breed, age, sex or, specify an area for your search.

To find a listing of local pets waiting for you to save them, check out the (SHELTER NAME) page at (YOUR SHELTER’S WEBSITE).
Invest in that one!


Pets are a worthwhile commitment of many years. But where do you start? You start with thinking about things like your lifestyle and activity level, available time, and others in your home. Then you log on to!

Petfinder is a nationwide listing of pets looking for a home. It lets you search for a pet by species, breed, age, size, and sex. You can also tailor your search for local listings or a greater distance.

Your search options will bring up pictures, descriptions, and other useful information. Like whether the pet gets along with other animals and young children; if it is spayed or neutered; and if it is housebroken or litter-trained.

Besides all that, you can click on the contact and e-mail additional questions, like how to meet and adopt this “just-right” pet you’ve found.

To check out some great pets available locally, visit the (SHELTER NAME) page at (YOUR SHELTER’S WEBSITE).


Hey, do you have a pet that you think is the best-looking, the smartest, or has a pedigree and you think there should be more? Well, please think again before having those litters. Pets that are not spayed or neutered run very real risks of reproductive cancers, and chances of injury as they roam and fight. Ask any shelter and you’ll see that just because it’s a puppy or a kitten, doesn’t mean it will get a home.

Believe me, there are many many pets of all kinds still looking for a good home (and they don’t need the competition from more litters).

If you do think you need another animal though, you can check out
Petfinder is a nationwide listing of pets needing homes. Your search can bring up any type of pet, a specific breed (or not) and other descriptors. You’ll see a picture of the pet and other useful information, like whether it’s already spayed or neutered.

To check out some wonderful pets that only lack in having a good home, visit the (SHELTER NAME) page at (YOUR SHELTER’S WEBSITE).

And remember, adopting a pet saves a life; spaying and neutering your pet saves thousands of lives!


Pets are great aren’t they?! They lower stress, promote being youthful, and can be your best friend. However, we know that sometimes you just don’t understand each other. Well, don’t give up yet. is a great website that sponsors all kinds of pet help. It has a resource library filled with practical information about pet health and behavior. In addition, you can find volunteers and professionals to e-mail questions, such as how to keep that dog from jumping up on you or (yuk), solutions to hairballs in the carpet!

To contact local help, visit the page of the (SHELTER NAME) at (YOUR SHELTER’S WEBSITE) and click on our e-mail. also hosts listings of many wonderful pets in need of caring homes. Check it out!

You never know – the answer to your pet problem may lie in finding it another friend!

Courtesy of
Megan McMahon
Shiawassee Humane Society

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