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Rabbit Adoption Sample Goodie Bags

Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society


Rabbit Adoption Sample Goodie Bags

Our friends at the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society provide a fun, informational packet to each of their adopters. We thought this was a wonderful idea and wanted to share it with members.

Below, you will find details on exactly what the group includes in their adoption kit. It is a fantastic adoption accompaniment for first-time rabbit adopters, as well as long-time bunny friends.

Add your own local resources and ideas! Check out a dollar store for inexpensive bags! Find reproducible articles in the Library!

Providing a gift bag to individuals adopting rabbits provides adopters with additional resources and access to quality information after they get their rabbit home. The result is likely to be better quality homes for the rabbits, adopters more satisfied with the process & their new companion, as well as reduced likelihood of returns.

A sample gift bag has a value of over $60 each, but cost about $1 each to produce. Each bag contains:

  • A slinky toy for the bunny
  • A small box of raisins for bunny treats
  • A complimentary membership to a local rabbit organization – including a year’s worth of their newsletter full of rabbit educational information
  • A variety of rabbit care & behavior information, including:
    • What to expect the first week with a new rabbit
    • A schedule of upcoming rabbit classes & other rabbit events
    • Where to find more information when needed
    • A pencil with the reminder “Learn more”
  • Rabbit product information, including:
    • A coupon book from PETCO worth up to $40 in discounts on rabbit supplies. For details on the booklets, please see PETCO site
    • A brochure from Oxbow Hay Company about the importance of hay
    • A catalog from Busy Bunny, maker of edible rabbit toys.

All of this comes pre-packaged in a decorative bag to make presentation to adopters fun & easy.

Information provided by Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society

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