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Questions to Review by Public Officials and Concerned Citizens

Laura Lanza, ASPCA National Shelter Outreach



1. Do you know where the Animal Control holding facility or animal shelter is located in your community?

2. Have you ever personally visited the shelter facility?

3. Do you know how the animals are killed (euthanized) if they are not claimed by their owner? Have you ever witnessed this killing of animals by taxpayer’s expense?

4. Would you be at peace to take your own pet there to be humanely euthanized?

5. Would you know how to reach an animal control employee after-hours or on the holidays for an emergency with an injured or vicious animal?

6. Does someone check rabies vaccinations for the animals in your community, as required by State Health Codes and most local ordinances?

7. Are “cruelty to animals” complaints considered a priority call for law enforcement?

8. Can the local animal control representative write citations in lieu of picking up someone’s pet?

9. Where does the money go that is generated from impound, licensing and adoption fees?

10. Who manages the budget for animal control endeavors?

11. Do you know the basic city/county/state laws on animals?

12. What are the shelter statistics for impoundments, returning pets to owners, pet adoptions, dead animals, nuisance wildlife, etc?

13. Does your community have a “humane society” or “SPCA”? What do they do?

14. Who picks up dead animals on the roadways and from private homes?

15. How are dead animals disposed of in the community?

16. Do you support “humane education” in the schools to educate the next generation about the link between animal abuse and violence in our society?

17. Have you personally ever had problems with animals or irresponsible pet owners?

18. Do you think it’s okay for anyone to have a lion, exotic animal or large snake for a pet?

19. What would make animal control problems more manageable in your community?

20. Do you think animal control is a form of public protection and law enforcement?

21. Do you think the employees expected to enforce animal control ordinances and laws need “professional” training?

22. What salary level do you think they should receive for this form of specialized work?

23. Do you feel the local Animal Control program is adequate for the community’s needs?

24. Where would the necessary funds to improve this department be generated?

25. Is there a low cost spay/neuter program or clinic in your community?

26. Do you think this service should be available for all citizens to assist in reducing the pet over-population or just for people on public assistance?

27. Should Animal Control be providing medical care to insure healthy animals are put up for adoption?

28. Should the local Animal Control insure that all animals re-homed through adoption programs or breed rescue efforts are spayed or neutered before leaving to guarantee they are altered and the need for follow-up is not necessary?

29. Does your community have any Feral Cat program for Trap, Neuter, and Release?

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