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The Purpose of Volunteer Management

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The Purpose of Volunteer Management


  • Attracts people from all segments of the area’s population to volunteer positions.
  • Offers volunteers important, meaningful, and satisfying work that matches their interests, skills, talents, and time availability, and the opportunity to meet relevant community needs.
  • Dovetails the needs of volunteers to the needs of the organization, streamlining positions as necessary to accommodate volunteers.
  • Provides volunteers with clear, understandable position assignments and reporting methods.
  • Orients volunteers to animal protection, the organization’s mission and their contribution to it.
  • Provides training commensurate with the task to be done and the knowledge and talents of the volunteer.
  • Establishes a trust relationship between volunteers and employed staff.
  • Establishes a mutually productive work relationship between volunteers and employed staff.
  • Establishes a climate that encourages volunteer satisfaction, self-motivation, and retention through a program of individualized support and performance appraisal.
  • Provides ongoing feedback on volunteer performance.
  • Values and appreciates the contribution of each volunteer.

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