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Public Relations: 10 Tips to Keep in Mind

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Public Relations – 10 Tips to Keep in Mind

Know your audience.

Don’t lecture and don’t point a finger of blame. Research clearly shows that adults are more receptive to learning new ideas and values under conditions that treat them as intelligent, competent, and well-intentioned.

Use appropriate language. Avoid shelter-speak. Nobody knows what HBC, PTS or RTO means.

The public can identify with individual animals (their individual plight — rescue or adoption) then boring statistics.

Don’t bad mouth people or groups that have a different point of view. You can agree to disagree on areas of conflict. Be sensitive to human concerns (don’t put people before animals).

Talk to anyone who will listen. Every public interaction is a public relations opportunity. Always cross-sell — engage your audience.

Have agency spokespeople (one or two as appropriate). Employees should not talk to reporters without official authorization. Let the public get to know your spokespeople.

Be accessible. If you can’t be reached you can’t help your organization.

Maintain contact files. These files should be comprehensive and include media and organizational contacts, public information officers, local businesses, and people with special skills that may be of help at a later date.

Remember your manners. Be should to thank people and deliver on promises you make. Always get back to a reporter before deadline.

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