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Positive Attitude and Communication

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Positive Attitude and Communication; The Attitude You Send Out is Uusually the Attitude You Get Back!

You Never Get a Second Chance to Create a Positive First Impression!

Body Language: Did you know that body language can account for more than half of the message you communicate?

Body Language Tips:

  • Maintain eye contact when talking and listening to others
  • Maintain a natural and comfortable smile
  • Be relaxed and natural when you speak

Voice: The tone of your voice, or how you say something, is often more important than the words you use.

Voice and Language Tips:

  • Use vocal variety
  • Use appropriate and clear language with pauses and no non-words
  • Maintain an active interest and involvement with each client
  • Use humor

Attitude: Both positive and negative attitudes travel quickly in the workplace. A single negative attitude can turn a harmonious atmosphere sour.


  • A supervisor with a negative attitude puts a damper on the entire operation
  • A small group of negative workers can split a department into camps
  • An office or department can often overcome a negative attitude from one member – but it takes work!

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