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Letter to Attorney General

Greater Birmingham Humane Society, Birmingham, AL




Attorney General Bill Pryor
11 South Union St
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-0152

Dear Attorney General Pryor,

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in reading this letter and the accompanying information.

I am asking for two considerations. First, with your approval of the enclosed guidelines and information, we will continue to inform members of the bar, law enforcement and other interested agencies concerning the animal cruelty laws. Secondly, I am asking that the State government support one of our staff members to be a consultant for these issues.

  1. “Animals and the Law” is set up as a generic guideline for judges, district attorneys and any one involved with family court, and criminal matters. I have modified this packet to make it pertinent to the Law Enforcement personnel, along with “Dog Attack Prevention” and use these as handouts for their instruction.
  2. The need for consistency and uniformity is critical in the implementation of these laws throughout the state. With our knowledge of these laws, our staff member would be available to teach and consult on any questions that may arise from interested parties.

We have taught approximately 700 Birmingham Police Officers this information. These sessions were taught by two of my staff members. One is Brenda Glaze, Director of Operations and Administrator of the “First Strike” Seminars; the second instructor is Nancy Jantzen, Animal Cruelty Investigator and Instructor of Police Protection against dangerous dogs. This was a ten-day session, two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. It was received very well and has proven in a short time to make a big difference.

Subsequent to this, we have been requested to provide information and training to other Police and Sheriff in Jefferson County, Tuscaloosa, Central Alabama Law Enforcement in Bessemer, Lee County Law Enforcement in Auburn, Walker County and possibly St. Claire County. The Judges and District Attorneys of our area have requested the attached packet “Animals and the Law” to help them as cases come before their bench. We will be discussing some of this in one-hour lunch sessions with these judges. It is our goal that each judge and law enforcement officer in the state will know how to uniformly and consistently implement the animal laws and get the cases through the courts expeditiously.

Along this avenue, I already see joint services offered combining different governmental agencies on the same case. This means the problem is dealt with at one time in the same court, involving multiple agencies. It saves money, time and duplicity of efforts.

We are proud of the opportunities that have been given to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. We are the largest humane organization in the state and are setting standards that should be consistent throughout the state’s judicial processes. In our industry Alabama is setting precedence and the word is out. Please be aware that we are receiving many calls from out of state (i.e., as far as Michigan, Milwaukee, Arizona and Tennessee) asking for guidance in the implementation of their laws.

I look forward to discussing these issues at your earliest convenience.

Jacqueline Meyer
Executive director

Cc. Governor Don Siegelman
Cc. Chief of Staff Paul Hammrick

Courtesy of

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