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Lesson Plan – Careers Working with Animals

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Lesson Plan – Careers Working with Animals

Topic: Careers Working with animals

Title: So you love animals and want to work with/for them Grade or Age Level: 4 and up

Setting: Classroom/Library

Subject: Language Arts, Technology, Visual Arts

Goals: Introduce students to the many career possibilities working with or for animals.

Objective: Identify and compare personal interest with jobs that interest them. Understand the different ways people care for animals.

Method: Student research paper, class presentation and poster preparation. Materials: Animal related career handouts (provided in this packet).

Procedure: Students complete Career Search and consult resources provided to determine an animal related career that interests them. Students complete a research report on this career and create poster depicting aspects of the career (e.g., education required , activities, work setting) Using their posters as a visual aid, students present a verbal report containing information about the career to the class.

Note: You may want to monitor student choices to ensure a wide variety of career presentations.

Optional: Try to arrange for someone in one of these careers to visit the classroom.

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