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Foster Care Brochure

Humane Society/SPCA of Bexar County

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Say yes, and help save the lives of shelter dogs and cats. Give fostering a try!

The lives you save and the love you get will warm your heart. If you have children, the lessons they learn from fostering will enrich their lives!

Our simple Foster family Program saves lives this way:

Dogs and cats, who may otherwise be destroyed at an over-crowded shelter, are temporarily placed with you, their Foster Family, until a Forever Family is found.

You, the foster parent, are never under any obligation! You may return your Foster Pet to us anytime, for any reason. You may foster a pet once a year or once a week!

We only ask that you give your foster pet food, shelter and love. Medical expenses, if any, are frequently paid by the shelter or rescue group. Or, you may be asked to contribute if you can. You can also take your Foster Pet to scheduled Pet Adoption Days, or a volunteer from the rescue group or shelter can do so.

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