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Dog Walking Timeline (Hosting a Dog Walk)



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Dog Walk Timeline


12 months out:

Create budget
Research date
Research site
Recruit Volunteer Committee

1 1 months out:

Create potential sponsor list
Create sponsorship proposal
Secure permits needed for route and start/finish

10 months out:

Develop and secure artwork
Recruit Honorary Chair

9 months out

Determine items to be donated in-kind
Determine day-of-event activities
Send out sponsorship proposals

8 months out:

Develop mailing lists
Recruit pre-event volunteers
Follow up with sponsorship proposals

7 months out:

Begin appeal for donated items (water, food, paper products, etc.)
Create lists for brochure distribution

6 months out:

Secure sponsorship
Confirm artwork
Hold first volunteer committee meeting

5 months out:

Get printing bids
Develop brochure distribution plan
Confirm committee job descriptions and give each member in writing
Develop prize structure

4 months out:

All copy and artwork for brochure and poster done
Print brochures

3 months out:

Logistical plan confirmed
Mail brochures
Distribute brochures and posters
Begin advertising within the organization
Have starter kit done
Calendar listings out to magazines/newspapers

2 months out:

Order T-shirts or other premiums
Confirm entertainment/demos
Recruit day-of-event volunteers
Send out starter kits as registrations are received
Confirm registration plan

1 month out:

Complete and confirm day of event logistics
– Water
– Communications
– Sound
– Tables/Chairs
– Signage
– Parking
– Port-o-sans
– Storage
– Delivery of supplies
Volunteer training meeting
Send out media alerts/psa’s to print/radio/tv
Create a photo list for photographer
Print day of event handout (map, schedule of events)
Compile outreach materials
Have walker follow-up mailing done

Have a great event!

2 weeks after the walk:

Thank you/follow-up mailing to walkers
Thank you’s to volunteers, spoisors, entertainers
Post walk meeting


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