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Creating a Proposal

ASPCA, National Shelter Outreach


Be as clear, concise, and brief as possible in the creation of your proposal. The following are key elements in the construction of a proposal.

  • Summary/Introduction
    • state the problem, the proposed solution, your organization’s expertise, and the cost involved.
    • The summary is key because it is often the first and sometimes the only section foundations will read.
  • Statement of Need
    • clearly define the problem and support the existence of that problem with statistics and/or other facts and figures.
    • make the connection between the problem and your organization’s background.
    • avoid circular reasoning.
  • Goals and Objectives
    • state the overall aim of your program.
    • detail the objectives, or the specific results your organization is seeking.
  • Method
    • explain how you will achieve the stated goals and objectives.
    • display your knowledge of your given area and explain why your approach will be the best to solve the stated problem.
    • develop a means of evaluating the program to determine its on-going effectiveness.
  • Budget
    • specify how the requested funding will enable your organization to achieve your goals and objectives.
    • be specific and detailed.
  • Additional Information
    • Cover Letter
    • IRS Determination Letter
    • Audited Financial Statement
    • Annual Report
    • Board of Directors List
    • Budget for your organization’s fiscal year

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