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Cobb County Animal Control Program Description

Cobb County Animal Control, Marietta, GA


Cobb County Animal Control
Program Description

Cobb County Animal Control is proactive in preventing cruelties and
aggressively pursues justice for animals that are victims of cruelty.

The following is a brief description of what we have done and what we continue to do to prevent cruelty:

  1. Two officers function solely as humane investigators. Primary objective: investigate EVERY cruelty complaint. Officers have unlimited resources to investigate and prosecute cruelties.
  2. Minor cases (neglect) remedied through education in proper care, including providing dog houses, necessary supplies, or veterinary care at our expense.
  3. More grievous cases: aggressively pursued and prosecuted. CCAC protocol for investigating and documenting cruelties is unsurpassed. In one case, the judge commented he had not seen as much evidence in some murder trials.
  4. Written policies to mandate how cruelties will be managed.
  5. Utilize professional crime scene unit to photograph all cruelties except minor neglect cases. All officers are provided cameras for use in these cases. Photograph each scene, each animal at the scene, and each animal once removed from the scene. Take before and after photos in neglect cases.
  6. Utilize professional groomer to bathe/groom animals that are victims of neglect.
  7. Case files are meticulously compiled and well documented. Prosecuting attorney’s office frequently compliments how well cases are prepared.
  8. Established exceptional, professional working relationship with prosecuting attorney’s office.
  9. Sent letters to all Cobb County veterinarians to generate interest in assisting with cruelties. Provided responding veterinarians with educational material to explain their role.
  10. Prosecution success rate is 95% or greater.
  11. Recouped thousands of dollars for vet services and boarding fees through restitution from defendants found guilty of cruelty.
  12. Removed thousands of animals from irresponsible owners. Main objective: getting victimized animals out of an abusive environment.
  13. Frequently assist Georgia Department of Agriculture and other less fortunate counties with cruelties, including transporting animals, housing animals, and providing vet care for animals.
  14. Educate and assist other counties with preparing “Notification of Impoundment” notices on cruelty seizures.
  15. Spent thousands of dollars to pay for Administrative Hearings to take animals away from owners.
  16. Established tremendous working relationship with county attorney’s office who represents us during Administrative Hearings (are different from criminal proceedings).
  17. Purchased numerous dog fighting manuals. Provided at no cost to local law enforcement agencies.


  1. Jessica Moss / Cobb County Solicitor’s Office
    a. 770-528-8560
  2. Stephen Morrison / Cobb County Attorney’s Office
    a. 770-528-4005
  3. Dr. Richard Best/ Due West Animal Clinic
    a. 770-419-3381
  4. Mary Green / Georgia Department of Agriculture
    a. 404-656-4914
  5. Deputy Chief A.B. Allred / Cobb County Police Dept.
    a. 770-499-3904
  6. Joy Evilisizor / Humane Society of Cobb County
    a. 678-290-5577

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1060 AL Bishop Drive
Marietta, Georgia 30008

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