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Cat Housing: SPCA of Central Florida

The following is from the Summer 2010 issue of Protecting Animals, American Humane’s quarterly journal for animal welfare professionals. Used by permission. To learn more, visit

By Barbara Wetzler, President of the SPCA of Central Florida

We are really proud of having been able to build a new shelter just for cats at our Sanford facility. Our original design showed only two outdoor recreation areas adjacent to two free-roam rooms, but we added two more outdoor rec areas to the other two free-roam rooms. We also added three meet-and-greet rooms and a much larger, healthier space for treating sick cats.

It is such a treat to pull up to the building and see the kitties jumping in and out of the windows (heaven forbid they should use the cat doors!). All of our cat trees were made and donated by a terrific local company, Pet Tree Houses (

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