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Cat Housing: Nebraska Humane Society

The following is from the Summer 2010 issue of Protecting Animals, American Humane’s quarterly journal for animal welfare professionals. Used by permission. To learn more, visit

By Nikki Harris, Executive Director of Nebraska Humane Society

We just renovated our cat cages to expand the cats’ space by adding portholes. We have a bank of eight cages where we can open up two cages side-by-side, as well as four cages that are already large. In the rest of the 54 cages, we created the opportunity for the cats to have fourplexes by adding portholes that allow the cats to move up, down or sideways to adjacent cages. The up/down movement provides a lot of entertainment for the cats and the customers!

We also received a donation to convert a dog-nursery area into Cat Alley, where we group-house cats in the summer when we get busy. We cut down the walls, added benches for the public, and provided lots of places to hide and vertical space (including walking platforms up high) for the cats. We also have two rooms we can convert using cat trees and furniture during high volume months.

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