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Actual Follow-Up Questions to Ask Adopters

Sue Sternberg


1. Have you had any problems or concerns we could help you with? How has _______ (house-soiling, crating, training, etc.) been going?

2. Has there been any growling you can think of? If so, at what times or during what activities?*

3. Has there been any “mouthiness”, or any snapping?*

4. Does _________(name of dog) seem to be able to regain control of himself and calm down quickly after play or excitement?*

5. Has __________(name of dog) accidentally bruised, scraped, scratched or made a mark on your child during play? If yes, how about at any other time?*

6. Is there anything that has happened that has concerned or worried you that you may want to ask about – – no matter how minor?

7. In what ways do you think your dog could behave better with your child?

*These are all potentially dangerous behaviors or events, and need to be addressed and evaluated by a professional dog behavior expert.

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Rondout Valley Kennels, Inc.

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