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What Do a Rabbit and a Pit Bull Have in Common?


BlogPaws is proud to announce its speaker lineup for the 5th BlogPaws Social Media & Pet Bloggers Conference taking place May 16-18, 2013, in Tysons Corner, Virginia. NOTE: The Speakers page for the BlogPaws 2013 Conference will be updated regularly, so please stay tuned.

NEW TO 2013: Choose tracks custom-designed for your needs and goals. Tracks include 101 (Beginners), 201 (Intermediate), and PRO (for seasoned bloggers who want to take their blogging and income goals to the next level). There are also exclusive tracks for BE THE CHANGE, LAW & PET LIFESTYLE.

Since hosting the first-ever pet blogging and social media conference in 2010, BlogPaws has quickly grown to the largest such event in the world. Drumroll please, as here are the speakers we have announced thus far:

Keynote Speakers:
Steve Dale, CABC (certified animal behavior consultant), reaches more pet owners than any other pet journalist in America and now he'll be adding BlogPaws Keynote Speaker to his ever-expansive resume.

Clara Shih is Chief Executive Officer of Hearsay Social, a rapidly growing Silicon Valley technology company whose leading social marketing platform is used by large global brands including Farmers Insurance and 24 Hour Fitness to manage their corporate and local Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ Pages.

Mary Engle: FTC representative

Kenn Bell: Video creation with Smartphone workshop

Matt Beswick: Advanced SEO for PROs

Amy Shojai & Sandra Beckwith: E-books and Promotions

Pam Foster: SEO 101-201

Iain Langridge of Discovery.com and Petfinder.com: Conscious Capitalism (Do Good With Your Business)

Dino Dogan: The Future of Blogging

Jodi Stone - I've Started A Blog, Now What?

Mary Anne Shew, Business Coach: Build a Business, Not Just a Blog

Crystal Gouldey: Get More Blog Readers With Email Marketing

Harrison Forbes: MEDIA HOMERUNS--how to get free publicity and make the most of media opportunities

Steven May: BUILDING FANS: 0-200,000 At The Speed Of A Click

Kimberly Gauthier: Standing Out in the Popular Niche of Pet Blogging

Emily Garman: Wordpress for Beginners and Converts

David Pisarra: How To Write and Print On Demand Your Book In 90 Days

Ali Peterson: Make Your Blog Picture Purrfect

Kimanzi Constable: The Power of your Story Through Social Media

Robin Olson: After Tragedy Strikes: How a Blog, a Rescue Group & 15 Cats Helped Heal Hearts in Sandy Hook, CT

Robin Bisha: The Pet Beat: Foundations of Reporting for Pet Bloggers

Darlene Arden: So You Want to Write a Book Proposal

Lorie Huston: Integrating Social and Search for Your Blog's Benefit

Joanne McGonagle: The Power of One: One Face and One Voice

Allen Kimble and Vinny the Pug: NO-KILL 2020, Vinny the Pug's Phase 2, Train and Equipt Pet Rescues

Eldad Hagar: MAKE SOME NOISE- How to connect all your Social Media properties and get the world buzzing about you.

Annie Hart: MAKE SOME NOISE- How to connect all your Social Media properties and get the world buzzing about you.

Lyvonne Brittingham: I'm building a business but do I need to form a company and Copyright.

Susan Getgood: Monetization

BlogPaws hosts the only live red carpet awards ceremony for pet social media achievements, THE NOSE-TO-NOSE PET BLOGGING & SOCIAL MEDIA AWARDS™.
The BlogPaws 2013 pet blogging & social media conference WILL HELP YOU:

• Increase your readership

• Hone your craft

• Identify money-making opportunities

• Connect with other bloggers and brands

• Meet mentors and peers face-to-face at educational session

JOIN US MAY 16-18 IN TYSONS CORNER, VIRGINIA at the recently renovated Sheraton Premiere.

BRING YOUR PET: BlogPaws is a pet-friendly event.


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Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell via Pet360.com
We've heard of dogs scaring away burglars, and even cats that have alerted their families to fires, but last week, a great big bunny was the hero when he scared off an intruder.

According to The Daily Mail Online, Toby, a giant British rabbit, scared an intruder from his family's home by thumping his huge feet.

Kimberly May, who lives with her fiancé and 3-year-old daughter in Plymouth, Devon, U.K., says they were asleep last Wednesday night when she was woken by the sound of Toby thumping his feet in the middle of the night. She didn't get up to investigate, but when they got up in the morning, they realized some valuables were missing from the home and others has been dropped on the sofa.

May theorizes that when the giant rabbit started thumping his feet, he scared away the intruders. Toby is so large he lives not in a rabbit cage, but in a kennel built for a large dog. He is over 2 feet long and weighs over ten pounds.

The family had just adopted the large black bunny two weeks ago from a rescue center.

"He's playful, really friendly, and he doesn't mind my three-year-old crawling all over him. He's like a small dog really," May said in an interview with The Daily Mail. "When he thumps on the floor it's incredibly loud - you can hear it echoing around the house."

Toby was reportedly still agitated and traumatized when the police arrived; he tried to bite one of the officers.

The police say that while the thumping theory is a possibility, there is no proof Toby had anything to do with scaring off the burglar.

In another heroic pet story from last week, a pit bull named Baby woke her family by barking and pouncing on them when their home in Wellston, Oklahoma caught fire in the middle of the night.

Not only is Baby credited with saving Rhonda Westenberger and her sister from the flames, she went back into the burning house, which by that time had flames shooting out of it, and rescued five other dogs that were too scared to leave the building.

One of the dogs, according to what a family member told the media, was hiding under a bed. Baby grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and dragged it out of the inferno.

The family lost all of their material possessions, but they are alive and their six dogs are safe and sound, thanks to one pit bull.

I bet that family is happy that their town of Wellston, Oklahoma doesn't have an unfair and misguided ban on pit bulls.

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