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Ten Wacky Pet Products from Global Pet Expo 2013


Carol Bryant via Pet360
Doggie Beer Treats

From Omega Paw, here are some malted barley dog treats sure to be a hit for those folks who want their dog to have a taste of, well, beer! Brew Buddies are actually a combination of chicken, malted barley, brewers rice and brewers yeast.

Silent Aliens

If aliens landed, would we hear them? Our dogs might, especially if they are these aliens that appeared at Global Pet Expo. From Hear Doggy with a squeaker only your dog can hear, these toys gave me a laughing fit. Love them so much, I am on the lookout when they are released to the market.

Puptato Chips

From the makers of Puppy Cakes (seen on tv's Shark Tank) comes Puptato Chips: A guilt free sweet potato chip for dogs made in the USA. Love this concept!


When in Florida, do as the Floridians do, and let Fido feast on alligator jerky. Made in the USA and wheat and soy free, these treats are possibly the only ones I saw to "bite" back.

Mutt Massage

According to the manufacturer, this revolutionary, state-of-the-art groomer helps stimulate circulation to promote a shiny coat, healthy skin, muscles and joints as well as enhancing your dog's general well being. This is the Raymend pet groomer with BioLight technology.

Pooch Suit

Zippy Dynamics is an United States-based company and the maker of this smoking hot jumpsuit for dogs. We were drawn to this suit because of the cute poodle wearing it, Max, but also because we special ordered one for our own dog. So cute!

Pooch Pizza

From a company called Wanpy comes pizza for dogs: Just when you thought you've seen it all, along comes Fido's very own pan-sized personal pizza.

Car Grass

Do you love traveling with your dog as much as I do? Maybe you want Rover in the back seat where he is safe and secure. From Kurgo, comes auto grass! Made of polypropylene, dogs are deterred from standing on the middle console.

Crabby Pet

Love this product and oh so very smart. For hermit crabs, now a way you can see in the shell and he or she can see out. These are hermit crab shells and "crabitats" (large hand blown tanks) for Hermit Crabs to live in and for more than 15 years. When a hermit crab is ill, the color changes, and now owners are able to see. Plus the artist gives back! From GlassShell.com.


For the kitty who needs to unwind, this is the Meowtini, a perfectly crafted blend of white fish and olive-flavored bits. Bottoms up from OmegaPaw.

For images and links to the products, visit http://bit.ly/Z2UJ8k

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