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Romeo's Renewed Vigor Wake up Tactic


I find it's particularly important to be extra cute on early wake up days.

I find it’s useful to be extra cute on early wake up days.

I’ve been thinking about this and here’s the thing: I have been extremely easy on the staff lately when it comes to allowing them to sleep in a bit. Seriously. They’re going to start getting soft. And soft staff means lazy staff.

So, it's back on me to make sure the team is up and at 'em and all furry faces are fed each morning. Otherwise, who knows what could happen. Presumably we would all starve.

This morning, I stood on female staff's chest and meowmeowmeowmeowmeow. No response. Then, jumped off female staff, circled around her to the male staff member and meowmeowmeowmeow. No response. Pivoted and put my nose in female staff's ear. Meowmeowmeowsnufflemeowmeowsnuffle. Movement. Then, I SNEEZED into her ear (that part was an accident, albeit a happy one).

AHA! And she was up! I won't repeat the words that came out of her mouth, but let’s just say she wasn’t too happy with me. Oh well. She’ll get over it. She always does.


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