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Romeo's Fuzzy Butt Wake up


Today's wake up tactic was the world-renowned "Fuzzy Butt Move." Many of you are likely familiar with this strategy.

My secret weapon.

My secret weapon.

I positioned myself on the pillow with my derriere in the female staff member’s face. Then, I slowly inched my hindquarters backward so that her head, little by little, lost pillow real estate.

Finally, the staff only had centimeters of the pillow left for her slumbering comfort, requiring that she take action. In this case, it was in the form of surrender and BREAKFAST-getting.

I have learned from experience that if I do the Fuzzy Butt Move in the middle of the night, I run the risk of being booted off the bed. The best time for this is (relatively) close to BREAKFAST time so the staff figures there is no point in going back to sleep.

Poor staff. So easy to manipulate.

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