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Romeo's Floofy Tail Wake up Tactic


This morning, I used one of my most wonderful natural attributes to get the staff moving: my floofy tail.

Romeo Tail FloofThere are a variety of strategies one can take with one’s tail. Here’s how today’s wake up went down. For starters, I sat next to female staff's head and put the tip of my tail on her cheek. She scratched and batted my tail away.

I moved a bit closer and carefully placed my tail on her mouth and a bit of her nose.

She sneezed. (Aha! Progress!) Once, twice. three times.

Then, with a huge sigh, she waved her palm across her face, removed my tail, gave up and hauled herself out of bed, glaring at me. Soon, BREAKFAST was served!

Do I feel bad? Not. At. All.

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