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Helping Pets in Hurricane Sandy's Aftermath


Helping Pets in Hurricane Sandy's Aftermath

Zootoo Pet News Staff
How you can assist shelters in need following the superstorm.

After Hurricane Sandy tore through the East Coast, many shelters from Virginia to Canada were left in need of resources and help due to damage sustained during the superstorm.

As residents of areas that have been affected by the hurricane continue to assess the aftermath of Sandy, shelter and rescue groups are already putting out the call for assistance.

Our friends at Petfinder.com are keeping track of member shelters up and down the East Coast who are in need of resources and volunteers.

If the rescue shelter in your area does not appear on this list, but your region has been affected by Hurricane Sandy, shelters near you may still require assistance, but be unable to get in touch yet -- so keep checking back for the most updated information.

For Individuals who are interested in making a donation to help homeless pets affected by Hurricane Sandy, the Petfinder Foundation is also focusing on recovery efforts and bringing food, medical equipment, and other supplies to help animals.

Pictured: A 7-week-old kitten -- now dubbed "Sandy" -- was found crying in a tree during Hurricane Sandy in New York. (Photo Courtesy of Petfinder.com)

Do you live in an area that has been affected by Hurricane Sandy? What do you think should be done to help these animals? Tell us below!

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