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Helping Homeless Animals with Chocolate!


Paris Permenter via Pet360.com
One very special chocolate company puts a sweet new twist on the popular expression of love. Rescue Chocolate, a company based in Brooklyn, sells vegan, kosher, and handcrafted candies using organic and fairly traded chocolate. Best of all, Rescue Chocolate's profits go entirely to animal rescue organizations.

"We work with a different animal rescue group every month, as our featured partner," explains founder/owner Sarah Gross. The company also teams with other groups on an ongoing basis, selling chocolate at below-wholesale prices for the groups to sell at adoption events or auctions.

The company is the culmination of a lifelong dream that combines two passions: chocolate and animals. "Helping animals has been a long-standing passion of mine. Back in middle school, I used to volunteer at my local animal shelter where I grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana. Around the same time, I became a vegetarian and then a vegan, because I didn't want to eat animals or animal byproducts," recalls the chocolatier. "My interest in gourmet dark chocolate has been a more recent passion. A few years ago I was on a mission to buy (and eat!) all the exotic dark chocolate bars I could find. I also worked at a raw chocolate company where I developed a best-selling flavor. So one morning in December 2009, I had just finished eating a chocolate bar for breakfast (doesn't everyone?!) and was out walking my dog in the park, when I got the inspiration to combine my two passions into one business."

The inspiration to combine those loves into Rescue Chocolate was nudged along by Gross' 5-year-old rescued pit bull named Mocha. "I don't know much about the early months of her life, but I can surmise that they were horrific. A good Samaritan found her wandering the streets emaciated. Her ears were severely cropped, and she had recently had a litter of puppies. Most likely, she had been in the clutches of dogfighters who then abandoned her when they realized that she is a lover instead of a fighter."

Today sweet Mocha serves as cover girl for Rescue Chocolate, reminding the public that "Pit Bulls will reflect back what they receive from their human companions, whether that is love and affection or the opposite." On this Valentine's Day, hopefully this rescued beauty will inspire lovers to not only enjoy tasty chocolates but to also fund a cause that helps lost, abandoned, and abused dogs and cats find the love they deserve.

Visit http://rescuechocolate.com

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