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Cats May Fake Illnesses Just Like People


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Any experienced cat owner knows that her beloved feline can be temperamental and a little moody. But did you know that a healthy cat may fake being sick when his routine is disturbed? A new study conducted by Ohio State's Veterinary Medical Center and published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association suggests that, just as a child might develop an imaginary stomachache when he gets upset, a healthy cat can sometimes exhibit illness symptoms when he doesn't like what's going on around him.

Letting You Know They Are Upset
According to CBS News, when cats in this study were subjected to "unusual external events," such as changes in their feeding schedules or caretakers, both the sick and the healthy cats acted out by displaying "sickness behaviors," like vomiting or refusing to eat. So if you've ever suspected your cat's occasional upchucking, peeing in your shoes or refusal of dinner was a form of protest, you may be right.

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