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Bravo celeb leads Pet Parade with his Beagle


You can go home again, and Bravo talk show host Andy Cohen came back with flair as grand marshal of Sunday’s Beggin’ Pet Parade at the annual Soulard Mardi Gras festivities in St. Louis this past weekend. Participants dressed their pets in costumes and walked the parade route through Soulard, a historic French neighborhood in the city. The event has held the Guinness record for the largest parade of costumed animals for 21 years.

This Beagle at Open Door Animal Sanctuary is awaiting a home.

This Beagle at Open Door Animal Sanctuary is awaiting a home.

Cohen grew up in nearby Clayton, MO, and was invited back to the area because he recently adopted a dog — so who better to lead the parade? With him was Wacha, his Beagle.

He had never had a pet until he adopted Wacha, but he told Gail Pennington, writing for stl.com, that he began to long for “something to take care of.” He was browsing late one night on Petfinder and saw a dog that struck him.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about him,” he said. We know how that goes; that special someone reaches out to you from your computer monitor and you’re lost.

Still, he admits he was anxious about diving into pet parenthood, so he made arrangements to take the dog on a trial basis. The pivotal moment came when the dog fetched his leash to suggest he wanted to go for a walk. Smart dog!

“At that point I knew, you are mine,” Cohen said, according to the article.

He hadn’t yet decided on a name but, while watching the St. Louis Cardinals game that sent the team to the World Series, it came to him. Michael Wacha was pitching, and the crowd was chanting his name. Wacha, Wacha, Wacha. At that moment, Cohen knew he had found the perfect name for his new companion.

Participants in the Beggin’ Pet Parade are asked to make a $10 donation which goes to the Open Door Animal Sanctuary, which serves a 100-mile radius around St. Louis.

Michael Wacha is a pitching phenomenon.  We bet Wacha the Beagle is ever bit as phenomenal and that Cohen and Wacha make a great team.


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